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Scaling energy storage for a greener future.

Redox flow batteries to accelerate the construction of large-scale energy storage infrastructure.

Growing demand for electricity is challenging our power grids

Electrify everything

Electricity demand will only go up in the years ahead as we electrify more things (like our cars!)

Renewable energy

Adoption is growing rapidly. Wind and solar have the potential to create far more energy than we can consume in the short term.


Our grid infrastructure is just plain old. Most of our current transmission and distribution lines were not built thinkig of renewables and EVs.

Extreme weather

The repeated extreme weather of recent years has only served to underline how vulnerable we are as we enter an era when these events will be more common.


As we produce and consume more electricity, efficiency in energy consumption, transportation and storage will become more complex.

Storage as a Service

Grid-enhancing technologies like dynamic line ratings, power flow controls, and topology optimization could increase the capacity

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Grid scale storage is the answer

Our Redox flow battery (RFBs) is a state of the art electrochemical energy storage system, that combines the power of AI and nanoparticles to optimize its operation.

  • Longer operational life span
  • Uses recycled chemicals and is easy to operate
  • At a fraction of the cost of other alternatives

How do RFBs works?


Pumps move fluid electrolytes from external tanks to inside the battery cell


Positively and negatively charged fluids flow past each other, causing a reaction that transfers energy from one side of the battery to the other as part of a cycle of charging and discharging


In between charging and discharging, the energy is stored in the battery's fluid, ready to be released through the inverter where it gets converted into electricity for use by the grid

There is a 100 billion opportunity for electrification

The electrification of everything will demand more and more electricity. Storage is vital for grid operators, energy traders and big consumers to stabilize the grid and keep prices low. Check our uses cases in our white paper.

Join us scaling energy storage for a greener future